Bespoke Reels has a wealth of experience from a decade in the West End working closely with talent across the entertainment industry in the UK and across the world.

You can be assured of the very best personal service and dedication to ensuring your showreel is the best it can be. We believe in collaboration between editors, talent and agency, allowing for true flow of ideas.

Advice and guidance throughout the process will help ensure a smooth journey from beginning to end.


A showreel is now a crucial part of any portfolio. It can swiftly show a range of skills and experience in a very short time.

Whether you choose to have a few simple clean scenes, or craft a montage to expand on your talents and add a few 'bells and whistles', you will be guided each step of the way.

Your showreel is your opportunity to craft your own image and in conjunction with us it can be an amazingly effective and productive tool.


A screentest filming and coaching service is available, and your screentest can be sent anywhere in the world within a very short time from our office on Trinity Street.

Our guidance will help you hone your screentest to the best it can be, and ensure that it will stand out from the crowd.

Additionally. Bespoke Reels are delighted to be teaming up with Audition Doctor- the premiere personalised coaching service for actors- to provide you with the perfect, stress free, self tape experience.

Tilly Blackwood (the Audition Doctor) will coach you through your audition sides and then take you the two minutes from her space to us, where you will produce your tape. Once complete, your audition is transferred immediately, or hosted securely on our site along with all of your contact information.


  • 'Thank you so much again Bespoke Reels for working your magic'
    - Nathalie Buscombe -
  • These guys are just great! Any actors looking for a 5* self tape experience do check them out - it is well worth it.
    - Charlie Field -
  • Just received the finished version of my first ever showreel from Bespoke Reels who, if you are the market for it, are the bomb diggity.
    - Ethan Lawrence -
  • Big shout to Bespoke Reels - the best in the business
    - Steven Elder -
  • Thank you Bespoke Reels for being brilliant and sorting my showreel for LA! You're a genius!
    - Hayley Tamaddon -
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    - Alix Wilton-Regan -
  • Had a fantastic day. Delighted with the result.
    - Derek Riddell -
  • Need to self tape a screen test? Go to Bespoke Reels and get it done properly. They do the best show reels too
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