In today’s industry, a showreel has become a vital part of any portfolio.

A showreel is the opportunity to craft your own image, and with our guidance it will be an amazingly effective and productive tool.

Scroll down to see the range of different reels covering any aspect of the industry.

Whether you choose to include a few, simple clean scenes, or perhaps create a montage to accentuate your range of talents, Bespoke Reels will guide you each step of the way.

We can help source your footage from a variety of sources, including Amazon, Netflix, Sky, iTunes, and even material sourced from other territories not available as standard in the UK.


If you are looking to put together a reel to show your skills without having footage to hand, we can help!

We consult you on your scripts, give guidance and feedback in advance of the shoot, and offer a complete package from outset to completion incorporating as much or as little content as you require.


Your presenting reel is a vital part of your ability to show your range and abilities - with our guidance you can craft a reel that not only demonstrates your skill, but also brings across your personality and unique role on screen


Directing reels are absolutely unique hence there are a number of ways to make them. Bringing your vision to the showreel involves collaboration and thought, and like any project you direct we are not happy until YOU are.


Like directing, this incredible skill requires a totally personal approach to allow your footage to absolutely shine.